Kindergarten Standards-based Report Card

Posted On: 5/15/2019

The York County School Division will launch a standards-based report card for all kindergarten students beginning next school year. Information about the new report card was shared with the School Board at Monday night's work session.

Over the past few years, teachers and staff have shared that they wanted a developmentally appropriate assessment in grades K-2, that showed student progress over time in reading, writing, and math. The division's current report card only reports a quarterly grade for each subject area with limited details regarding the criteria or skills that helps make up that grade. The standards-based report card also provides parents with more information about their student’s academic progress so they can partner in their child’s education.

Bethel Manor Elementary School used the new kindergarten report card as part of a pilot program this year and will expand to include a pilot report card for first grade next year. The division will continue to phase in the standard-based reports cards each year for grades 1 and 2. Additional information regarding the development of the new report card is available here.