Fourth Grade Knowledge Bowl

Posted On: 5/19/2017

Fourth Grade Knowledge Bowl

Grafton Bethel Elementary School’s fourth grade Knowledge Bowl was a fun learning success! More than 115 students rotated through multiple learning stations in the gymnasium to review and relearn Virginia’s many historical and geographical facts. Teachers got into the spirit by dressing in a variety of 19th century attire.

At the quilting center, students learned to thread a needle and sew their own pocket purse, while understanding how quilts were utilized as an important part of the Underground Railroad. Additionally, the students had a hand in making quilts that will be donated to the York County Foster Program. In another station, students covered large laminated maps with five colors of dough depicting Virginia’s five regions. Student groups worked together to label the industries, agricultural products, and natural resources found in each region. One of the highlights of the nights was the Deal or No Deal activity. It was a riveting, loud game where students excitedly answered questions, and won prizes such as free points to use as homework or time helping their favorite teacher!