Central Administration

  Name Position Phone
Victor D. Shandor, Ed.D. Division Superintendent 757-898-0310
Carl James, Ed.D. Chief Operations Officer 757-898-0466
Stephanie L. Guy, Ed.D. Chief Academic Officer 757-898-0366
Bill Bowen Chief Financial Officer 757-898-0449
James Carroll, Ed.D. Chief Human Resources Officer 757-898-0349

Administrative Directory


Operations Department

  Name Position Phone
Carl James, Ed.D. Chief Operations Officer 757-898-0466
Georgia McQuigg Manager of School Board Office Building 757-898-0314
Mark Tschirhart Assoc. Director for Capital Plans 757-898-0499

Community & Public Relations

Katherine Goff Coordinator of Community & Public Relations 757-898-0391

Information Technology

Douglas Meade Director of Information Technology 757-898-0430
Meagan Malpass Secretary - Information Technology 757-898-0302
Paula Kohrt Manager of Network Administration 898-0429
Troy Graves Manager of Applications Support 757-898-0431
Charles Healey Manager of System Administration 757-898-6675
Joe Broyles Supervisor of Computer Maintenance 757-898-0428
Russell Payne Supervisor of Resource & Security Control 757-898-0345


Greg Dolak Assoc. Director of Maintenance & Facilities Support 757-890-1004
Arnelia Hancock Secretary - Maintenance & Facilities Support 757-898-0340

School Administration

Aaron Butler, Ed.D. Director of School Administration 757-833-2182
Rita Gary Secretary - School Administration 757-898-0306
Cheryl Parr Assoc. Director School Administration 757-898-0468
Kimberly Newsom Coordinator of Enrollment and Attendance 757-833-7001
Regina Wilson Coor. of Non-Licensed Staff Development 757-898-0437


James Lash Assoc. Dir. of Transportation & Warehouse Operations 757-898-0476
Tina Williams Secretary - Transportation & Warehouse Operations 757-898-0344

Human Resources Department

  Name Position Phone
James Carroll, Ed.D. Chief Human Resources Officer 757-898-0349
Tammy Narde Secretary - Human Resources 757-898-0392
Maria Bird Licensure Specialist 757-833-2214
Tara Fowler Personnel Specialist for Employee Compensation 757-890-1046
Mary Giles Personnel Specialist 757-898-0495
Annette Hill Human Resources Specialist 757-898-0472
Candace Moore Personnel Specialist for Employee Recruitment & Retention 757-833-2235
Mary Beth Plucinski Personnel Specialist for Employee Benefits 757-898-0483
Christiana Spires Personnel Specialist 757-898-0441
Tracee Vaught Personnel Technician 757-890-2470

Finance Department

  Name Position Phone
Bill Bowen Chief Financial Officer 757-898-0449
Diane Falin Secretary - Finance 757-898-0303
Karen Wood Senior Budget Financial Analyst 757-890-2466
Cassandra Dillard Supervisor of Payroll 757-898-0444
Margaret Kirk Supervisor of Accounting 757-898-0448

Instructional Department

  Name Position Phone
Stephanie L. Guy, Ed.D. Chief Academic Officer 757-898-0366

Academic Services

Karen Cagle, Ed.D. Assoc. Dir. for K-12 Academic Services 757-898-0436

Elementary Instruction

Candi Skinner Director of Elementary Instruction 757-898-0450
Darnell Veach Secretary - Elementary Instruction 757-898-0462

Secondary Instruction

Anthony Vladu, Ed.D. Director of Secondary Instruction 757-898-0409
Laurie Osypowski Secretary - Secondary Instruction 757-833-2215

Student Services

Elaine Gould, Ph.D. Director of Student Services 757-898-0455
Lindsey Faison Secretary - Student Services 757-898-0308